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Neocube Unique magnetic balls have many names online like Buckyballs, Zen magnets, Nanodots, Cybercube, Magcube, Neoxcube, Neocubix, Eurocube, NeoClicks. With 216 balls, you can potentially make millions of patterns and objects. Neodymium Iron Boron (NIB) magnets are extremely powerful. It is ideal for Kids above 12 years. An education toy, it can help them channel their creative drive and imagination with countless 2D and 3D objects that can be modelled much like Lego, you can build a car, building, bridge or molecular shape of benzene!

Itäó»s a fun gift for adults too - these magnetic balls which can be pulled, shaped, snapped, and moulded together in unlimited ways.

Its a new kind of puzzle with more than one solution unlike traditional puzzle games! You can mild it in your hand, make wonderful shapes, create interesting geometrical designs.

Even you can play äóìdartsäó? on your refrigerator.

In Package

* 216 Neodymium magnet balls of 5 mm each
* Round Metal carrying case


Kids educational

Age Limit

Above 12 Years