Brand: Hitachi

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Brand: Hitachi

Color: White


  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • Type: Window AC
  • 1.5 Ton Capacity: Suitable for medium sized rooms (121 to 179 sq ft)
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on product and 5 years warranty on compressor
  • Condenser Type: Copper for best in class, energy efficient cooling with easy maintenance
  • Special features: Split in A Box with Twin Motor Technology, Silent operation, Sleep mode
  • Easy Returns: This product is eligible for full refund within 10 days of delivery in case of any product defects, damage or features not matching the description provided

Publisher: Hitachi

Warranty: 1 year warranty on product, 5 years warranty on compressor


Packed with loads of features including the innovative Twin Motor Technology along with a five-star rated energy efficiency, the Summer TM window AC by Hitachi provides coolness no less effective than a split AC.

Auto climate technology for better cooling: Made specifically to suit the Indian climate, this innovative and intelligent feature has the humidity and temperature data of more than 100 Indian cities fed into it. Based on the city the AC is operating in and the time of the day along with the user’s metabolic needs (to be set by the user), the AC automatically changes the settings continuously to set up the most suitable environment.

Auto fan speed for enhanced comfort: This AC is designed in such a way that depending on the running state of the AC, the fan speed adjusts automatically. For example, if the compressor is turned down, the fan speed automatically gets lowered, and vice versa. Also, once the set temperature is achieved, the fan continuously adjusts itself to optimise the user’s comfort level.

Extra Heat Exchanger for added coolness: The Hitachi Summer TM Window AC comes with an extra heat exchanger attached to a coil cooled by condensed water. So, you not only get air-cooled features like in all window ACs but also get water-cooling facilities like that of the split ACs. This eventually allows Hitachi’s window ACs to discard and keep off hot air.

Kaimin technology for intelligent cooling: To help the user feel fresh every morning, this AC uses an intelligent Kaimin technology that automatically adjusts the temperature according to your body requirements through the night.

Koukin filter to prevent bacterial, fungal growth: There is a contemporary anti-bacterial filter in this air conditioner that prevents bacterial or fungal growth.

Twin-motor technology to add more efficiency: The AC consists of two independent fan motors- one is for the outdoor fan, while the other is for the indoor one. This precisely means that the fans are independent of each other’s speed, and can function independently of each other. Likewise, the AC remains in a better position to keep off hot air, and spread coolness evenly throughout.

Powerful Mode, Supercool Function, Filter Clean Indicator, On/Off Timer With Advanced Start-Up, Digilock, Auto Climate Technology, Precoated Aluminium Fins, Auto Fan Speed, 43 Quality Tests, Wireless LCD Remocon, Auto Power Save Mode, Low Derating (10% Higher Performance in Peak Summer), Refrigerant-R22

EAN: 8903079026204

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